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White House lies about size of Trump’s inauguration attendance

This is some Saddam-level bullshit.
By: Jordan Freiman / January 22, 2017

Madonna shares thoughts about ‘blowing up the White House’

She also dropped a couple of F-bombs on live TV. (Thank you, Madonna.)
By: Jordan Freiman / January 21, 2017

Donald Trump’s first executive order is to fuck over homeowners

Lower government mortgage costs, we hardly knew ye.
By: April Siese / January 21, 2017

Trump may have violated the Presidential Records Act by deleting a tweet

Communications made by federally elected officials are government property.
By: David Bixenspan / January 21, 2017

Ashley Judd mocks Trump and his ‘favorite sex symbol’ Ivanka in poem for Women’s March

The nasty woman poem was penned by a 19-year-old from Tennessee.
By: Jordan Freiman / January 21, 2017

Women’s March protest against Donald Trump even has participants in Antarctica

With that, official protests have taken place on all seven continents.
By: Jordan Freiman / January 21, 2017

Trump signs executive order to ‘ease the burden’ of Obamacare

The order doesn't do a whole lot but it's not an encouraging sign.
By: Jordan Freiman / January 21, 2017

Of course Trump’s inauguration speech was written by Steve Bannon

Funny how the team spent a week pretending Trump would write it all on his own.
By: Jordan Freiman / January 21, 2017

George W. Bush loses epic battle with poncho

Of course he did.
By: Jordan Freiman / January 20, 2017 petitions demand Trump release his tax returns

With Donald Trump taking over as President of the United States, if you ever gave any thought to the future "We the People," you probably figured he was dropping it. Well, so far, he hasn't...
By: David Bixenspan / January 20, 2017

Trump plagiarized Bane in inauguration speech

Talk about on the nose.
By: Kenny Herzog / January 20, 2017
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