Deleted scenes from ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ are depressing as hell

You probably shouldn't watch them if you're already in a bad way.
In Entertainment by Drew Salisbury / February 9, 2016

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits Democratic debate, roasts everyone alive

No one is safe from Triumph’s brutal mockery and telling of harsh truths.
In Entertainment by Stefan Sirucek / February 9, 2016

This ‘Simpsons/Making a Murderer’ mashup works alarmingly well

Homer Simpson is an unexpectedly good stand-in for Steven Avery.
In Entertainment by Maggie Serota / February 8, 2016

Don’t forget: Anal can get you 15 years behind bars in Michigan

The state senate just reaffirmed a law that makes sodomy a felony.
In News by Drew Salisbury / February 8, 2016

Governor Snyder throws lavish party, Flint residents drink poisoned water

The birthday cake was fashioned to look like a Michael Kors handbag, a Tiffany & Co. box, and a Nordstrom's box with a diamond necklace draped over it.
In News by Maggie Serota / February 8, 2016

Stone Temple Pilots holding open call for new singer

The band have uploaded instrumentals from 3 of their most famous songs, so prospective singers can show their skills.
In Music by Joel Freimark / February 8, 2016

Here’s how to get infinite free burritos from Chipotle (to feed the hungry)

Step 1: Sign up for infinite free burrito coupons. Step 2: Donate them all to a food bank.
In News by Joe Veix / February 8, 2016

Toddler kills 9-year-old sister with loaded gun left on nightstand

The little girl was shot in the head with a pistol that was just laying out in the open, unattended.
In News by Maggie Serota / February 8, 2016
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