Juggalos vs. ISIS: A Detailed Analysis

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Watch a stampede of idiots endlessly run straight into a spinning metal thing

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Future Islands play with an orchestra section for 4AD sessions

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Sometimes choosing life isn’t enough. Sometimes we have to choose empathy.

And now, America gets slightly fatter.

Sia manages to make a musical theater song song like a standard pop song.

What started as an off-the-cuff joke is quickly escalating into a full-blown international conflict, with vast geopolitical implications.

Jordan Haskins, who has an arrest record for breaking into cars and masturbating with spark plugs, encourages Michiganders to flee the state if pro-LGBT act passes.

There’s Lou “Louie” Walters from “The Simpsons.” And there’s Frank Carbon from “Goodfellas.” Are they one in the same? Actor Frank Sivero says so.

China has openly scolded Kenny G for his visit to Hong Kong, claiming his presence gives support to the pro-democracy protesters.

Watch Fieri eat like a pig because he’s soooo gross and that’s not like us at all.

The guy loved being an educator so much that he decided to never leave the school, even after death. Talk about dedication.

And if you didn’t already think believe that the band’s Samuel T. Herring is normcore, he’s wearing a pink button-down to boot.

Kirk Cameron invents new origins of Halloween to make them less pagan-y.

“At first no one really noticed her,” said one employee. “But after a few days I began thinking she looked really familiar.

Alan Silvestri has composed an additional 15 minutes of new music special for the screenings.

This happened in Texas. Someone please write a country song.