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Donald Trump eats a steady diet of garbage, will probably die soon

Contrarian reaction to the Pollan-ization of America's food narratives, or simple trash palate?
In Politics by Jamie Peck / August 8, 2016

Couple arrested for having sex in Hardee’s parking lot

I'll have what they're having.
In News by Jamie Peck / March 2, 2016

Florida man tosses live alligator into Wendy’s drive-thru window

He did not want fries with that.
In News by Joe Veix / February 9, 2016

Chipotle to stop making everyone sick for a single day

In February, all stores will close for a few hours to conduct a national food safety meeting.
In News by Joe Veix / January 15, 2016

French McDonald’s employees bagged weed at salad bar, sold in drive-thru

They also hosted late-night parties in the restaurant and, poker nights.
In News by Joe Veix / November 10, 2015

Restaurant creates unholy burger stuffed with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

In News by Stefan Sirucek / October 30, 2015

Man finds dead mouse in greasy Subway sandwich

Warning: Gross photo.
In News by Joe Veix / October 13, 2015

Guy tricks entire city into thinking an In-N-Out Burger is opening

A beautiful, timeless prank.
In News by Joe Veix / September 11, 2015

What not to order from chain restaurants, according to employees

Just stay away from Cheez Wiz, no matter where you are.
In News by Maggie Serota / June 17, 2015

Rogue pig accosts Burger King customers

It's a whopper of a tale.
In News by Stefan Sirucek / April 6, 2015

Burger King customer handed $2,631 instead of chicken sandwich

The store manager rewarded the couple with five free meals, which will never taste as good as spending a free two grand would have felt.
In News by Maggie Serota / January 26, 2015

Red Lobster is changing its menu to remind people that it still sells shitty seafood

The internationally renowned lobster shack will be increasing the amount of seafood it sells in an apparent attempt to not confuse those who thought they were in for an enjoyable steak dinner.
In News by Kevin Camps / November 3, 2014

Angry investor makes 294-page slideshow about why Olive Garden sucks

They describe the end product as "appalling," a "mushy, unappealing product that is well below competitors' quality despite similar cost."
In News by Joe Veix / September 15, 2014

Couple receives McDonald’s cheeseburger sprinkled with weed

"I've ... never something like this," explains Lt. Jason Bell. "I really haven't had a lot of investigations where I've focused so much on cheeseburgers."
In News by Joe Veix / May 14, 2014

Why do Canada’s roads smell like French fries?

Just be glad they didn't use dung oil.
In News by Joe Veix / April 3, 2014
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