Life From Above 2014: An interview with Death From Above 1979

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GWAR anoints Vulvatron as new frontwoman

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4chan prank convinces idiots to microwave their iPhones

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He’s like the Tony Robbins of high school football players.

‘South Park’ previewed its upcoming 18th season with an ad during Sunday’s Washington Redskins game.

At least one person fell for it.

“The Howard Stern Show” writer got forcibly removed from Friday’s press conference that the NFL Commissioner held to address the recent domestic abuse cases regarding league players.

“A couple of weeks ago I proposed to my girlfriend,” writes the YouTuber who claims to be the man of the hour in the clip. “Here is what happened.

According to a source, Thicke was doing everything in his power to get out of Cabo.

Four cops were engaged in a ticket-rigging scheme to increase their overtime pay.

Following the indefinite suspension of Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens are offering a jersey swap.

These kids are basically living in the ‘Footloose’ from hell.

Dr. Dre has killed off his long-awaited album “Detox,” and that might be the best thing he could have done to keep his legacy intact.

For her Master’s thesis, “Local Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises: An exploration of the phallus as the site of female empowerment and the rightful status of the crone in contemporary society.

Schools don’t want kids to be abstinent, because they are raking in the cash by giving away free condoms.

“The driver stated that he and his passenger where drinking at Way Out West and doesn’t remember what happened next,” according to police.

Sure Ryan Adams can cover Danzig and make it sound all his own—and he can do it with Johnny Depp without dumbing it down.