Premiere: Dark Blue stream debut album ‘Pure Reality’ in full

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Netflix Instant streaming additions and purges for October

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The top 13 heavy metal movie theme songs

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Peter Nunn was sentenced to 18 weeks in jail for threats sent to MP Stella Creasey and activist Caroline Criado-Perez.

The show debuted “What Women Want,” a pretty straightforward category detailing what women want out of life, assuming that those women exist entirely within an old Tim Allen stand-up routine.

The seaworthy raft was made up of 160 unopened bags of potato chips.

The 25-year-old was so overpowered by the fumes of the varietal that she briefly lost consciousness and then plummeted into the fermented drink.

The video is actually from Caracas, Venezuela, where protesters and police clashed earlier this year.

Yes. These are the human interest stories of 2014, people. Get used to it.

TV on the Radio’s new video stars Pee-Wee Herman as a race car driver modeled after the “Speed Racer” cartoon, slowly losing his mind.

A man disembarking at Sydney Airport was so engrossed in whatever he was watching on his iPad that he couldn’t take his face away from the screen to pay attention to where he was going.

The refs penalized him for “unsportsmanlike conduct, going to the ground.

In June European law enforcement conducted a social experiment with security firm F-Secure to test how closely people read terms of service agreements.

Don Hertzfeld created a projection of what “The Simpsons” might look like if it continues uncancelled through stardate 10,535.

The Twihards are not happy about Robert Pattinson dating FTK Twig.

It makes even less sense once you read their explanation for why.

Ashley Huff is now considering legal action against the police department for malicious prosecution (police claim they were well-intended throughout) and for an unlawful arrest.

Pure Reality comes off more like a home movie than a big-budget blockbuster.