neo nazis

Stop calling them ‘the alt-right’

There's nothing cool about white nationalism.
In Politics by Jamie Peck / November 21, 2016

The alt-right is trying to recruit children via the ‘Pok√©mon Go Nazi Challenge’

Clearly, Pikachu has fallen in with the wrong crowd.
In Politics by Jamie Peck / September 9, 2016

White supremacist rally devolves into chaos, multiple people stabbed

At least five people have been stabbed.
In News by Jordan Freiman / June 26, 2016

Lone woman raises defiant fist against hundreds of neo-Nazis in Sweden

"I had this adrenaline. No Nazi is going to march here, it’s not okay."
In News by Drew Salisbury / May 5, 2016

Drunk neo-nazis piss on children on Berlin train

Just a couple of passionate guys who love their country and want it to be great again.
In News by Jamie Peck / August 24, 2015