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Some dick is bringing a 747 jumbo jet to Burning Man

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Meet our new Staff Troll

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It’s chock full of cartoon objectification.

The video for “Polish Girl” off Neon Indian’s new album “Era Extraña” hit the internet yesterday.

Neon Indian is set to release new LP “Era Extraña” September 13th. Listen to the Part II of a the three-part instrumental movement “Heart Decay.

The two bands recorded an eight-minute electrified version of The Antlers’ “Rolled Together.

The Flaming Lips and Neon Indian release their 12″ collaboration “Is David Bowie Dying?” Have a listen.

In the latest video for Texas Chillwavers Neon Indian, we see a new visual device meant to recreate the look of older ones.

Phil Collins is the latest 80s pop icon to surge in influence in the last decade—Yeasayer, Neon Indian and Sleigh Bells sing his praises in the new video “Don’t Fear It, Phil It.

Taking a page from their impressive live concert streams and in-studio performances, NPR, the place where everything from things to songs are considered, announced that they will be streaming performa

In Rolling Stone Magazine’s latest issue, which hit stands yesterday, they outlined what they believe to be 2010′s best new bands (linked here).

Green Label, a record label aimed at pushing independent artists has just put out a new track by Neon Indian entitled “Sleep Paralysist.

Get ready for some good NYC weekend shows to fill the two-day gap before you have to go back to the office, or, like many of us, sleep in and surf Craigslist for a job!

For all you fans of Todd Rundgren out there, of which there should be many, you’ll be happy to know that Neon Indian backbone Alan Palomo is of your number — so much so that one of his so

If you’re looking for plans on Valentine’s Day, there are tons of great shows that will surely impress the fine young music-lovin’ thing you’ve got your eye on.

I guess there’s a new name for the genre Ernest Greene (AKA Washed Out) revels in. I learned it today: Glow Fi. There are so many names for genres and sub-genres–I can’t keep up.