Sia donates jar of her breath to charity

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Rapper’s wife shuts down show after he gives cocaine to crowd

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NoPhone, a phone that literally does nothing, doubles Kickstarter goal

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Catching this band live dulls the pain of, say, missing Sly and the Family Stone play back in the ’60s.

This sweet and slightly sad song—the kind tune you might listen to on the beach the night before your boyfriend leaves for college across the country—makes one even more curious about what they’

Jeffertitti’s Nile’s sophomore album, The Electric Hour, comes out today and it is, without question, one of the most wonderfully mind-blowing records you’ll hear this year.

In anticipation of their first album in more than two decades, Indie Cindy, The Pixies have streamed the new release in its entirely for all the world to hear.

On tour with Surfer Blood to support the release of their self-titled EP, I briefly chatted with Team Spirit’s Ayad Al Adhamy in an interview of epic proportions.

There have continued to be almost constant rumors of more available material, and only a few days ago, guitarist Brian May threw perhaps the largest can of gas on this fire in over a decade.

It’s been a huge week for Beatles fans, as along with the confirmation that there will be another Live At The BBC release this fall, late last night Sir Paul McCartney released a brand new song from

Listen to two Nirvana covers that both compliment the strengths of the songs and the performers.

The Scottish band gives away three new songs for free.

“Talk That Talk” drops in November.

This past week Cults set some time aside for us at Death and Taxes to talk about their new album, overnight success, and kids’ soul music.

Dan Beockner and wife Alexei Perry ready synth album.

Man Man return May 5 with the new album “Life Fantastic.” In the meantime, you can check out two new songs here.

Try to contain your mellow, ambient glee.

The Flaming Lips will release four new tracks next week inside seven pound gummi skull—and the ideas don’t end there.