Recently homeless Sly Stone awarded $5 million in lawsuit

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Feminist Ryan Gosling meme may actually help feminism

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Troll Day: A retrospective

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The passenger yelling “cowabunga!” seemed to have a good sense of humor about nearly being implicated in an instance of vehicular manslaughter.

On Sunday, an amateur cameraman managed to capture insane footage of this fireworks factory near Bogotá exploding despite the fact that the blast knocked him on his ass.

He could face life in prison.

Maybe the two men didn’t see the camera, or more likely, they just didn’t care.

He doesn’t just tell us the weather; he tells us how to feel about the weather.

The more you know.

Maybe it’s a philosophical question, like “how many roads must a man walk down?”

Maybe we’re witnessing the start a hip new restaurant trend.

Sadly, lasagna disasters are on the rise this year.

Maybe waiting for the headline is the story?

Now, when someone tells you that you should go eat a dick, you can casually invite them to lunch.

This is what our news has devolved into. We’re doomed.

Meanwhile, Hugh Janus sits at home, alone, shedding a silent tear.

Life as we know it will never be the same.