Best new artists of 2014

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The real reason Obama might be normalizing relations with Cuba

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Woman catches twin sister and husband f*cking in car, leaves them naked in parking lot

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“He said Satan told him to do it,” claimed authorities, “and that he was a Satanist.

Ducts which were conveniently human-sized.

Dude rode 20 miles with nothing but a boot covering his junk.

Sure to be some of the most shocking images of 2013.

Devin Anderson threw on the first thing he found in a rush to help his girlfriend’s family.

The House Majority Leader apologized for his anti-Semitic spiel on Wednesday.

Stephen Drozd sat down with us a week before the 13th Flaming Lips album, “The Terror” drops worldwide.

Abortion is one hell of a sticky subject and has been for quite some time.

When it comes to movies I trust Roger Ebert, it’s hard not to, he’s been reviewing films since 1966, twenty-one years before I was born.