2014 is first year ever with ZERO platinum-certified records

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Watch a stampede of idiots endlessly run straight into a spinning metal thing

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Led Zeppelin loses first round of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ plagiarism lawsuit

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BuzzFeed is “more distrusted than trusted” by conservatives, liberals, and everyone in between.

Interscope has not yet confirmed the split.

The incident was recorded on September 28, during which his friends, who helped get the moth out, happened to find a tick inside as well.

A teenager in Ohio may have been literally scared to death at a haunted house.

“(NSFW) (f) new poster…wanna see more? ;-),” she wrote. More than 51 guys took her up on the offer.

ESPN commentator Skip Bayless suggests that rape allegations helped Kobe sell sneakers.

‘This album is gonna be harder to make than I thought.

Curtis Lepore made headlines earlier this year when his ex and fellow Vine star Jessi Smiles accused him of raping her while she was unconscious.

He was only paid $34 to play on the song that made him famous.

Seminal electronic artists Orbital have announced that they have ended their relationship, only four years after reforming in the wake of the hiatus they began in 2004.

Imagine a bunch of guys in clown outfits, like, with hatchets, Stern said. Those f*ckin’ Arab dudes would get right in line.

For a mere $10,000 you can own a hoverboard.

In Arlington, Virginia, a 31-year-old was discovered by police while he was doing naked push-ups in the middle of the street last week.

Yes. Gremlins. Gremlins out to “destroy our way of life.