Best new artists of 2014

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Texas plumber’s truck somehow winds up embroiled in Syria conflict

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Is this a ransom email from Sony’s real hackers?

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Al Jazeera’s documentary series Fault Lines takes a look at the corporate-state attempts to regulate the web.

CISPA is likely headed for a Senate vote in early June. Help stop it.

This December, the latest round of ITR revisions are up for debate in Dubai.

This executive agreement is being negotiated in secret without the input of Internet users or experts.

Netflix, not surprisingly, joins its sugar daddies in supporting SOPA.

The Pirate Bay may take its servers to the sky as they get ready to “host the galaxy.

Anonymous holds some truths to be self-evident.

Help shape an alternative to SOPA and PIPA.

The MPAA wants you to pay again and again for movies you already own.

Hollywood blames its failures on online piracy, when the reality is that a good majority of the industry has no interest in making good films.

In Volume 7, we look at Neal Stephenson’s “Cryptonomicon,” which considered the idea of total freedom of information, more relevant now than ever with SOPA, PIPA, H.R. 1981 and ACTA resistance.

This Saturday, January 28th, is International Privacy Day, a perfect moment to mount a campaign against Rep. Lamar Smith’s H.R. 1981.