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Title for ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ revealed

"Episode VIII" hits theaters December 15.
In Entertainment by Brian Abrams / January 23, 2017

Experience joy with an English-dubbed Chinese bootleg of ‘Revenge of the Sith’

aka "Star War The Third Gathers: Backstroke of the West."
In Entertainment by Jenni Miller / January 3, 2017

Watch a 19-year-old Carrie Fisher audition for ‘Star Wars’

She later said she had liked the script, but wasn't sure anybody else would.
In Entertainment by Drew Salisbury / December 27, 2016

‘Star Wars’ actor concerned with the whereabouts of TK-421 dies at 74

Peter Sumner got thousands of fan letters for his bit part in the sci-fi classic.
In News by Jordan Freiman / November 23, 2016

Carrie Fisher defends Harrison Ford’s performance in the sack

"I would never talk about how someone was in any furniture..."
In News by Maggie Serota / November 17, 2016

Actor who played Darth Maul allegedly assaulted a woman at a fan convention

Raymond Park was a panelist at Super Megafest Comic-con.
In News by James Grebey / October 28, 2016

Donald Glover to play Lando Calrissian in upcoming young Han Solo film

"Han Solo: A Star Wars Story" is slated for a 2018 release.
In Entertainment by Brian Abrams / October 21, 2016

R2-D2 actor Kenny Baker dead at 81

Baker played R2-D2 in the first six "Star Wars" films.
In News by Jordan Freiman / August 13, 2016
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