Listen: Com Truise Debut LP ‘Galactic Melt’

Com Truise’s debut album “Galactic Melt” is out.  Stream it now.

Listen: Com Truise Debut LP 'Galactic Melt'

Com Truise spent three years sculpting “Galactic Melt,” and according to Seth Haley’s label page, “when and how to complete such an opus was the hardest part of making the record.”

“Galactic Melt” is finely produced, with Haley at once tipping his hat to past electronic music—particularly ’80s science fiction soundtracks—and looking to the future of the synthesizer. Many bands use the synthesizer in a support capacity, not as the focal point, and those who do hardly ever approach the lovingness with with Com Truise coaxes sounds out of his Sequential Circuits synthesizer. And, by God, Haley names the fantastic track 9 “Ether Drift,” appealing to the science geeks among us.

The sound could be considered kistch or ironic (as this generation is wont to be), but it comes off as entirely sincere. Having worked at a synthesizer shop, and owning four myself, I can speak with some certainty when I say that there are synthesizer enthusiasts out there who simply love the sound of the instrument—and Haley very clearly seems to think along the same lines with Com Truise.

Indeed, it might have been said that “Galactic Melt” is an album for the true synth geek, but catchy enough to appeal to both a cross-section of electronica-loving audiences and independent music listeners worldwide.

The entire album is a work of synth art, but a few tracks are true marvels. “Hyperlips” contains some of the best synth arpeggios to be heard anywhere, while “VHS Sex” (video embedded below) does justice to its song title, with a melancholic and romantic sound: an ode to VHS porn?  Who knows?

Com Truise has seemed to have (inadvertently) found a balance between M83 and Daft Punk, between romanticism and ’80s synth fetishism—a soundtrack for machine dreams. Listen to track “Polyhurt” (not found on the LP).

Stream the album below, courtesy of Hype Machine. Buy the MP3 or CD versions over at Ghostly International, where you can also purchase it on Vinyl and get the digital version instantly.