Watch Lacrosse Announcer Use Biggie Lyrics In the Whitest Way Possible [Video]

I never thought “Big Poppa” lyrics could be used as a lacrosse catchphrase.

Before I decided to go to school in Baltimore I never truly understood the whole lacrosse phenomenon. I grew up playing baseball—lax was simply another spring sport I didn’t care about. I quickly found out that in Maryland it’s the sport and it was utterly unavoidable. Over time I got used to it, and after a few years of conditioning/brainwashing/drinking I even began to enjoy watching it.

Nevertheless I always found it sort of ironic that lacrosse is a typically a rich white kid sport, considering it was invented by Native Americans and its greatest player was an African American — Jim Brown.

But don’t tell that to high school lacrosse announcer Booker Corrigan. While announcing a local high school game in Baltimore between Boys Latin and McDonogh, Corrigan borrowed a few lines from Biggie’s famous “Big Poppa” to describe a goal for Boys Latin.

His enthusiasm for the sport is evident, but using rap lyrics to describe a lacrosse goal is hilariously incongruous to say the least. The clip itself sort of makes me cringe, because he seems to be trying too hard and continues to do so for awkwardly too long. However there is no arguing his passion for the game, and seeing that kind of reaction to a rather easy high school goal is refreshing even if it was excessive and corny.