‘Footloose’ Trailer: No Kenny Loggins, No Kevin Bacon, No One Cares [Video]

Check out this two-minute video of Julianne Hough disobeying her daddy—otherwise known as the new “Footloose” trailer.

‘Footloose' Trailer: No Kenny Loggins, No Kevin Bacon, No One Cares [Video]

In 1984 Paramount Pictures made a film about a small town that banned dancing and rock and roll because a couple teens died in a car accident after leaving a party or prom or whatever. Kevin Bacon moseys into town with his big-city attitude, Walkman and sweet dance moves and stirs shit up. Kids challenge the establishment. The preacher’s daughter whores herself out. Kenny Loggins kills it. Everyone dances.

It was a plot so absolutely ridiculous and absurd that Hollywood has decided to do it twice.

The trailer for the completely unnecessary Footloose remake hit the web last night and it’s exactly what you’d expect – same premise with updated music and clothing, and of course sluttier dancing.

The Craig Brewer film has been marred by multiple production delays, which caused Zac Efron and Chase Crawford to vacate the lead roles. This opened the door for Kenny Wormald, a relative unknown, whose best-known role is in the relatively unseen “Center Stage: Turn It Up,” to replace Kevin Bacon as Ren. Julianne Hough, who’s best known for her work on “Dancing with the Stars” and being Ryan Seacrest’s extremely better half, stars as the preacher’s problem child.

Together they grind private parts together in fast food parking lots and challenge Dennis Quaid’s edict against fun.

If you liked “Step Up,” “Step Up 2: The Streets,” or “Step Up: 3D” this film is for you! If not, have a laugh at the trailer.