James Franco and Kalup Linzy Release Weird-Ass Video

James Franco has yet another project.

James Franco and Kalup Linzy Release Weird-Ass Video

When James Franco is not working on a new movie, earning a college degree, or hosting the Oscars, he apparently makes music.

Traditionally, actors that decide they want to be musicians have a long history of failure (Keanu Reeves’ band Dogstar; Bruce Willis). Still, Scarlett Johansson aside, there have been a few film stars in recent years that have managed to pull off very good records (Zooey Deschanel with She & Him; Ryan Gosling with Dead Man’s Bones). James Franco’s latest project with drag queen Kalup Linzy may end up falling somewhere in between.

The duo, using the name Kalup & Franco, will be releasing an EP on entitled “Turn It Up” on July 12, and based on their first video, the music will be comprised of soul tinged synthpop. Linzy is the lead vocalist on “Rising,” and the backing track and accompanying video is quite strange to say the least. Franco can scarcely be seen in the video, which is comprised mostly of footage of Linzy covered in green screen paper with what looks like outdated Windows screensavers superimposed over him.

The song isn’t bad, if a bit on the simplistic side structurally. Given Linzy’s domination on vocals, one can assume Franco is handling the beat box, organ and phased Rhodes keyboard. According to Linzy, the duo have no plans to tour in support of the EP, “He is busy with school and films and I pretty much travel the world year round. We’re not planning to tour or anything like that for the EP. The music is a part of an ongoing collaboration.”

Check out the video for “Rising” below.