Watch Jarvis Cocker Discuss New Book: ‘Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics’

Not only is Pulp reuniting, but Jarvis Cocker is is publishing a book “Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics.” As anyone who is familiar with Pulp and Cocker should know, this will be an abstract and surreal treat.

Watch Jarvis Cocker Discuss New Book: 'Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics'

Jarvis Cocker is a latter-day Scott Walker with the literary talent of a bard—a dirty, fucked up but infinitely sublime and hilarious bard.

Cocker got his start in the UK experimental pop band Pulp, where he first deployed his dizzying array of lyrics. (Pulp, in fact, has reunited for 22 shows through 2011, including a recent performance at Glastonbury.)

And so it comes as no surprise that Cocker is publishing a book of lyrics titled “Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics.” The title itself almost implies a tongue-in-cheek incestuous union.

Watch Cocker’s interview with Faber and Faber’s publishing director Lee Brackstone below, in which Cocker reflects on the art of writing and publishing lyrics.

The biggest problem with people when they first start to write is they think, “Right, I’m going to say something really profound. I’m going to say something nobody’s said before, and I’m gonna sum it all up in one song and blow everything apart,” or whatever. And if you have the idea in your mind you always write absolute bile, you know, rubbish.

My breakthrough really came when I stopped kind of thinking I’ve got to be profound and just started writing about everyday, normal things. And that was really precipitated by an accident where I ended up falling from a window and been in a hospital for about a month. So I really did come down to Earth. Then my gaze shifted to the more kind of normal, everyday things… [I]t was entertaining to me. I was curious to find out how people lived their lives ’cause I didn’t have a clue how to live mine.

The book is due out in October on Faber and Faber.

Jarvis Cocker on Writing and Publishing his Lyrics from FaberBooks on Vimeo.