Israeli Parliament Loves Glenn Beck

They can keep him.

Israeli Parliament Loves Glenn Beck

To Fox News, Glenn Beck was more a TV personality than a political commentator, in spite of his constant attempts to validate his voice as a conservative figurehead. As a former drama student, the man’s still an entertainer.

Glenn Beck has gotten really into Israel recently, and the love is mutual—the Holy Land has reciprocated in a serious way.

It started in mid-May when Beck announced his “Restoring Courage” rally, which is set for August in Jerusalem. Most recently, this morning on his visit to Israel, Beck addressed a group of lawmakers in the Israeli Kinesset.

What did the Israeli parliament get from Beck? Love, support, and a few biblical recitations, naturally. Here’s his quote from the book of Ruth:

“Where you go, I will go. Where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people are my people. Your God is my God. Where you die, I will die. And there shall I be buried.”

He later added:

“As a man who also worships the one God, in the times that we live in, it is clear that what is going on is God’s work. If we are silent, evil will win. But if we stand up and take charge, God will do the rest.”

At some point Beck touched on the possibility of apocalypse, saying “the world is about to go into chaos.” At another point, he describes his recent visit to the former death camp Auschwitz in Poland. He mentioned the murder in March of a family of Israeli settlers at the hands of Palestinian teens, which Beck called a “horror show.” He painted the picture of a Jewish homeland that is and has historically been cornered by hatred and violence.

Beck incited fear, demonstrated his solidarity, and naturally received a warm reception of applause from the Israeli parliament. Danny Danon, the conservative deputy speaker for the Israeli parliament, said of Beck: “If we didn’t have someone like Glenn Beck…we would have had to invent someone like him.”

A public figure like this couldn’t be invented.

In case it’s been forgotten, the man who is being praised for this recent support of the Jewish homeland was fiercely critiqued for his anti-semitic assault of George Soros just this fall. Beck even went so far as to accuse Soros of collaborating with the Nazis when Soros was only a teenage concentration camp prisoner. The Daily Beast deconstructed and analyzed Beck’s entire anti-semitic attack.

In light of his “Restoring Courage” rally approaching at the end of August, one can assume that Beck’s visit today will build up plenty of publicity for the emotionally spastic conservative entertainer’s day at the pulpit. But, especially following his departure from nationalistic Fox News, doesn’t Beck’s sudden enthusiasm for Israeli politics feel like the man is leapfrogging from one country to another?

Glenn Beck is a sensationalist. And sensationalism may burn brightly, but it also burns briefly. How much longer can the voice of a public figure like Beck still be taken seriously?

Listen to Beck addressing the Kinesset: