Jeff Bridges to Perform on Stephen Colbert

It seems Jeff Bridges is getting serious about his music career.

Jeff Bridges to Perform on Stephen Colbert

For most of us on the coasts country music is a deal-breaker—the one kind of music we can’t get into. But every once in a while a movie will come along that can change your perspective on things—even country music. Which is why many of us got a chance to truly enjoy country music for the first time when “Country Strong” “Crazy Heart” came out.

The long-awaited Jeff Bridges solo album that grew out of the movie, which Bridges has been hyping in interviews for a year, will finally release on August 16th, titled simply “Jeff Bridges.”

Coming off like The Dude with heartbreak, Bridges’ performance in “Crazy Heart” exuded a warm, worn-in sadness—arresting enough to rewind in the middle of the movie to hear the songs a second time. For “Jeff Bridges,” the Dude collaborated with the same team behind the “Crazy Heart” songs, including songwriter/producer T Bone Burnett, as well as Stephen Bruton and John Goodwin, Greg Brown, and Bo Ramsey. Some of Bridges’ own tunes made the cut as well.

Bridges will play a series of shows when the record releases, perhaps the coolest and most Dude-like being a motorcycle rally in South Dakota. But he’ll also appear on Stephen Colbert’s “The Colbert Report” on August 17th, continuing Colbert’s run of great musical guests of late.

We always look forward to anything Jeff Bridges does (except “Tron”), and we’re looking forward to being un-ironic country fans for once.