The Unraveling Of Candidate Michele Bachmann (Video)

Michele Bachmann’s time on the presidential campaign trail could be coming to a close.

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For a brief moment, it seemed as if Michele Bachmann could, in theory, capture the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. That moment has passed.

While Bachmann still soars in opinion polls — she just crept ahead of Mitt Romney in a new Iowa poll — she’s facing a barrage of politically and morally embarrassing scrutiny.

On the political side, the Tea Party darling’s past work as a collector for the IRS has come back to haunt her, tarnishing her curated image as an anti-tax crusader.

Via Alex Pareene:

The tax collector business has been brought up on the Ron Paul forums by Paul supporters who are clearly irked that “Tea Party” candidates like Bachmann (and former Fed employee Herman Cain) are stealing grassroots attention from their preferred insurgent candidate. (“Bachmann was a tax prosecutor for the IRS – I can’t think of any professional less desirable to the tea party.”)

Meanwhile, Bachmann’s moral compass finds itself in the spotlight after The Nation and the LGBT group Truth Wins Out revealed that Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, makes his bread and butter by convincing gay people they can “turn” straight.

And now the mainstream media appears to be paying attention, too: ABC News ran a piece on the controversy last night, and spoke with a representative from the American Psychological Association who spelled out the dangers behind Mr. Bachmann’s unholy crusade.

“The harm is that when people are already in distress, and feeling conflict about their religion and their sexuality, to tell them they can change if they work hard enough, when in fact they can’t do that … just makes their distress and their shame — their depression — even worse,” said Clinton Anderson, head of the Association’s LGBT office.

As the negative press piles up, Bachmann’s campaign rivals are starting to take jabs at the Minnesota Representative, as well.

“With all due respect, she just doesn’t have that kind of experience,” Tim Pawlenty told Fox News yesterday, his second attack on her in so many days.

He went on: “Her record in Congress, as I mentioned before, is, you know, again, great remarks and great speeches, but in terms of results and accomplishments, nonexistent.”

Though voters like those in the aforementioned Iowa poll may not be fazed by all this bad Bachmann news, you can be sure the Republican elite are, and some suggest they’re already looking for ways to take wild card Bachmann out of the running. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Here’s video from ABC’s report on Marcus Bachmann’s anti-gay clinic: