Rupert Murdoch Gets Justified Pie in the Face at Hearing

In a beautiful display of a living metaphor, Rupert Murdoch, a disgraceful clown of sensationalized disinformation, was sensationally pied in the face like a Bozo.

Rupert Murdoch Gets Justified Pie in the Face at Hearing
Photo courtesy of @DanJHayes

One of UK’s clowns got the last laugh in Rupert Murdoch’s ongoing hearing involving News International’s epic phone hacking scandal, which is quickly spiraling into the great Murdoch Scandal of 2011:

Photos and videos are beginning to surface of what appears to be Rupert Murdoch getting a face full of foamy, white pie. What a perfect metaphor on display—a disgraceful clown of disinformation and sensationalism sensationally disgraced with a pie in the face.

Now for the bit of disinformation: it turns out the container was filled with shaving foam and not savory, lemon custard-y whipped cream like most of us had hoped. Laugh factor need not be lost, however, as CNN’s Jonathan Wald, who was attending the hearing, reported that Murdoch was “hit squarely in the face.”

The protester got a face full, too, as Murdoch’s embarrassing moment turned into shining heroics for his wife, Wendi Deng.

Deng leapt from her seat within a second and gave the man a face full of five fingers—talk about standing by your man! Before closing the hearing, committee member Tom Watson even said to Murdoch: “Your wife has a very good left hook.”

The protester then allegedly told Murdoch he’s “a greedy billionaire,” immediately revealing to the world the identity of our comedic attacker—Captain Obvious.

Actually, the protester appears to be British comedian Jonnie Marbles, who tweeted “It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat” minutes before the pie-ing took place. Seeing as his Wikipedia page entirely consists of this one incident, I’m going to venture a guess and say that this was indeed far better than anything Marbles has done before.

Good thing Officer Bobby was quick to the rescue in the video. A good five seconds after Murdoch’s wife deployed her civilian retribution, funny hats and billy clubs have everything under control.

Watch the video of the pie-ing below: