Jon Stewart Makes Like Dave Grohl and Tells Congress: ‘Get The Fuck Out’ [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart was brilliantly reductive as always last night.

Jon Stewart Makes Like Dave Grohl and Tells Congress: 'Get The Fuck Out' [VIDEO]

Two weeks ago at a Foo Fighters show Dave Grohl spotted a fan instigating a fight and throwing punches in the audience. Grohl stopped the show, had a spotlight shined on the offending party, made the fan look him in the eyes, and told him, “Get the fuck out. You come to my show to dance, not to fight. Get the fuck out!”

After emphatically repeating his command a few more times the fan obliged, following Grohl’s orders to get the fuck out, and left the concert.

If only it were this easy in politics.

Jon Stewart gave it his best shot last night. After highlighting the insanity of the debt talks by pointing out that both Democrats and Republicans have literally swapped sides, crossing over each other ideologically in the process, he asked, “Do you want out of this relationship so bad but don’t have the balls to leave, so you’ve all decided act like such giant assholes that you force us to break up with you? Because if so, just get the fuck out.”

The 100 Senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives did not promptly stand up and file out of the chambers of Congress as ordered—but it was a nice try. Maybe we should have Dave Grohl give it a shot.

Watch Jon Stewart’s delivery below:

[via RawStory]