After Ex-Gay Question, Michele Bachmann Snubs Iowa News Station

Michele Bachmann wants the free press to work for her, not the other way around.

After Ex-Gay Question, Michele Bachmann Snubs Iowa News Station

Michele Bachmann and her presidential campaign received scores of press earlier this month when it was revealed that her husband, Marcus Bachmann, runs an “ex-gay therapy” clinic.

And as the scandal unfolded, Rae Chelle, a reporter from Iowa-based ABC affiliate WQAD, did the logical journalistic thing: she asked the candidate about the so-called “reparative therapy,” a process most medical professionals agree can lead to depression and suicide.

“What is your opinion on reparative therapy and is it something that’s conducted in that center?” the reporter asked, to which Bachmann replied, “I’m running for the Presidency of the United States and I’m here to talk about job creation and that we do have a business that deals with job creation. I’m very proud of the business that we created.”

Asked about the clinic again, Bachmann repeated herself, “As I said, again, we’re very proud of our business.”

Though Bachmann kept it together while on camera, it appears Bachmann has been nursing a private grudge, the Minnesota Representative totally dissed a WQAD reporter during a fundraiser yesterday.

From WQAD, via ThinkProgress:

At Sunday’s Davenport fundraiser was our first chance to interview Bachmann since the satellite interview incident. All Quad Cities media were invited to attend and promised a one-on-one interview during the evening. While our competitors were accommodated, WQAD was blocked and denied.

“One of her staffers said, ‘due to the interview last week WQAD would not have an interview.’ He said we would have to get our audio from a pool camera. … Then the same man came over and said I could have my interview outside,” said Chuck McClurg a veteran News 8 photojournalist.

McClurg continued to shoot the event. Afterwards, he walked with the Congresswoman and her team down the stairs and out the door.

“I followed them outside hoping to get the interview I was promised,” said McClurg

McClurg began rolling his camera as another local Quad Cities news station started asking their questions.

“I started to tape something off of that interview and a staffer pushed me aside and stood in front of my camera and said that this was for the other station only.”

McClurg also claims the Bachmann campaign abruptly ended an interview with another local reporter who tried to ask about the controversial topic. What’s more, the candidate’s handlers allegedly told Chelle they would end the earlier interview if she continued the “ex-gay” questioning.

Bachmann and her campaign’s disrespect here suggests two things: one, the candidate is truly fearful that her litany of anti-gay politics and her husband’s suspicious clinic will complicate her White House run; and, two, that Bachmann’s prepared to stonewall any media outlet who ask questions for which she has no decent answer.

If that’s the route she wants to go, Bachmann may find few press people willing to engage a candidate who so clearly wants them to play by her rules, rather than doing their jobs: getting the truth out of a reticent presidential hopeful.