Kurt Cobain’s Hometown Votes ‘No’ To Naming Bridge After Him

A bridge too far, says Aberdeen, WA.

Kurt Cobain's Hometown Votes 'No' To Naming Bridge After Him

City lawmakers in Aberdeen, Washington, Kurt Cobain’s hometown, recently voted on a bill proposed to change the name of North Aberdeen Bridge to Kurt Cobain Bridge. City legislators voted against the measure.

The Guardian reports that “despite a recommendation by the local parks board, councillors argued that renaming the bridge would glorify Cobain’s drug use and suicide,” and voted almost unanimously against the measure in city council.

Cobain spent his formative years in Aberdeen and, according to legend lived under the North Aberdeen Bridge for a time, which is supposedly chronicled in the Nirvana song “Something In The Way.” Take a listen below.

“Leave the [bridge] as it is and let old history live with new history,” said Aberdeen representative Doug Paling. Aberdeen Museum director Dan Sears agreed: “We don’t need to strip another part of our history away.”

Given the relative significance of Aberdeen, WA on the world stage versus that of Kurt Cobain, you’ve got to hand it to these guys—they do seem to have a healthy, if outsized, respect for the legacy of their fair city.

Keep your bridge, Aberdeen—the rest of us will keep Cobain.