Watch: Video for Jeff Tweedy’s Side Project With His Kids, ‘Over It’

Jeff Tweedy has started a new band—with his kids.

Watch: Video for Jeff Tweedy's Side Project With His Kids, 'Over It'

Remember the Partridge Family? This is nothing like that.

Jeff Tweedy has started a new band with his two kids, Sam and Spencer, called The Raccoonists. And it actually sounds pretty good—of course, it helps when your dad can play every instrument ever made and has written arguably a few of the best songs of the last decade.

The single, “Over It,” is a driving, up-tempo number in the vein of Arcade Fire’s “The Month of May,”—the lyrics seem to consist more of gutteral noises and croons than actual words, but as a former member of a teenage rock band I can attest to the fact that sometimes you’re better off just ditching the words.

Then again, Spencer does seem to have a charmingly reductive way with words on his blog, coming off like Woody Allen’s impression of Hemingway in “Midnight in Paris”: “I like cookie dough, Deerhoof, and getting emails.”

The video is legitimately hilarious, contrasting found footage of uptight orchestra conductors with lip-synching raccoons. Why exactly this is funny I’m not sure, but it is. Take a look: