Listen: Jay-Z and Kanye West Streaming ‘Watch The Throne’

Hear one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Listen: Jay-Z and Kanye West Streaming 'Watch The Throne'

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s joint album “Watch the Throne” has somehow managed to avoid being leaked ahead of its release date. So far, we’ve only heard the snippets and releases that have come out officially, like “Otis,” which was released a couple of weeks ago.

The record is out on iTunes today, with the physical copies dropping on August 12. It’s full of guest artists, including Frank Ocean, who contributes to a couple of songs, and Beyonce, plus posthumous samples from Otis Redding and Curtis Mayfield. You can hear a stream of the whole thing below. Unfortunately, “Welcome to the Jungle” isn’t a hip-hop cover of Guns N Roses, but they do name-drop Axl Rose.