The Week in Review, in Haiku

What a crazy week/ here are highlights for you peeps/ in haiku form, yeah!

The Week in Review, in Haiku

Barney Frank
Frank toots his own horn
Or the chair squeeked, either way
Barney Frank’s the man

Rebecca Black
“Bullies drove me out”
Rebecca Black quits high school
She’s still crazy-rich

Stock Market
Stock market chaos
Got nothin? Nothin to lose
Everyone else = screwed

London Riots
Riots in London
Poverty gets people pissed
Still, shit’s out of hand

Catwoman Revealed
Hathaway’s Cat Suit
Ripped, torn and not authentic?
Let’s not get catty

Watch The Throne
Watch The Throne just dropped
The album’s sold, money’s rolled
Roc Boys in the house