Bachmann Pie Recipient Sums It Up: “It’s Embarrassing.”

Michele Bachmann tried to woo Iowa voters with an American favorite, and a stereotype.

 Bachmann Pie Recipient Sums It Up: It's Embarrassing.

Boy, presidential candidates sure do know how to lay it on thick — from their stump speeches to their tour buses, men and women who vie for the White House will pull any trick they can if they think it will win them a vote.

Want to win religious voters? Hold a prayer rally! Want to court bigots? Spout anti-Islam rhetoric like your life depends on it. Want to prove your musical chops? Play an impromptu tune at a music store.

Want to remind voters that you’re a red-blooded American Republican mama? Give away an apple pie to the oldest mother you can find.

Via the ‘Des Moines Register:’

Bachmann, near the end of her speech before the Black Hawk County Republicans Lincoln Dinner, asked the audience to identify the oldest Republican mother in the room to become the recipient of the pie.

After a brief audience poll, the pie went to Mary Canfield, a 100-year-old resident from Cedar Falls.

“It’s embarrassing,” Canfield said while laughing and holding the pie up for photographers.

While Canfield’s choice of words is probably based in her own humility, rather than the realization that Bachmann’s pandering in the lamest way possible, she definitely used the right adjective.

Not only is Bachmann’s gesture completely transparent and unimaginative, it also perpetuates the conservative myth that women who reproduce have more value than those who don’t; watch out, Sarah Palin, Bachmann is stepping on your territory.

Image via Seattle PI.