Cell Phone Airbags: Every Klutz’s Dream

Amazon’s CEO applied to patent a device that would protect your mobile phone from shattering after you inevitably drop it while drunk.

Cell Phone Airbags: Every Klutz's Dream

Dropping and destroying your iPod or cell phone is one of those things that will happen to pretty much everyone. If you have mobile devices long enough, eventually you’ll be drunk and clumsy, or not stick it in your pocket all the way or have your fingers covered in potato chip grease, and it will fall and break, forcing you to shell out a few hundred dollars for a new model.

That’s why the ridiculous-seeming patent application from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos could actually be a great idea. Bezos wants to register a device that would somehow sense if a phone is falling, then deploy airbags before it hits the ground. The patent also suggests things like springs and air propulsion to orient the device so it lands on the airbag, which means your iPhone could get a jetpack long before you do.

If he can pull all of that off, it would be amazing. But it’s just a patent, which doesn’t mean it will ever get to production. But think about it. If it does, it means your phone could tumble out of your pocket and down a flight of concrete subway station stairs and still survive. Of course, things could turn awkward if any of these methods accidentally deploy while you’ve got your phone in your pants pocket.

Check out a drawing of the idea below, which shows off concepts for the airbag, the jetpack and the springs.

Cell Phone Airbags: Every Klutz's Dream