GOP Candidates Eating Food in Iowa (Photos)

Ah the Iowa straw poll: time for pandering, tired rhetoric and stuffing your face with corn dogs.

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As everyone knows the Iowa straw poll is the first major event in the GOP primary season. It’s the first official state poll that gives an indication of which candidate may emerge as the front runner. And as they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

But that’s not all that’s great about the Iowa straw poll: it’s also a chance for candidates to show that they’re “real” salt of the earth people—by stuffing their faces with corn dogs.

Interestingly enough, Ron Paul, the one candidate who exceeded expectations by placing second in the straw poll, is perhaps the only candidate who wasn’t captured stuffing junk into his pie-hole this weekend. Is his corn dog restraint a secret to his success?

It’s a nice theory, but we couldn’t drudge up any pictures of Tim Pawlenty indulging in fried or frozen treats either, and his discouraging show in the poll prompted him to bow out of the race altogether.