Ron Paul Supporter Goes After Rick Perry’s Sex Life

Robert Morrow is a one-man hit squad for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul Supporter Goes After Rick Perry's Sex Life

Politicians very rarely escape sex scandals unscathed.

Whether it’s tweeting pictures of their penis like Anthony Weiner or soliciting sex in a men’s room like Larry Craig, neither Democrats nor Republicans are impervious to salacious details about their personal lives.

And that’s precisely what Ron Paul supporter Robert Morrow is hoping will be the case with Rick Perry.

The Texas-based activist this week took out an ad in the weekly ‘Austin Chronicle’ to implore anyone, anywhere, to offer up details about their potential trysts with Perry.

“Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?” asked the full-page ad, which continues, “Are you a stripper, an escort, or just a ‘young hottie’ impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas? Contact CASH, and we will help you publicize your direct dealings with a Christian-buzzwords-spouting, ‘family values’ hypocrite and fraud.”

CASH stands for Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy, though Morrow tells ‘Salon’ that he is in fact the group’s only member.

Morrow’s ad isn’t based on any evidence or truth, but he’s hoping to get some dirt, including information pertaining to rumors that Perry is a closeted gay man. At the bottom of the ad there’s a plea, “Note to gay people: If you know the truth about Rick, please QUIT covering for him.”

As ‘Salon’s’ Justin Elliott points out, however, numerous papers and reporters have looked into those rumors, yet have found nothing, and Perry’s campaign team is fully prepared to debunk them should they arise during the 2012 White House race.

Still, Morrow’s confident his ploy will work: “I think it’s only a matter of time until somebody credible comes forward,” he said.

Morrow apparently has quite the history of operating a one-man smear campaign. In 2008, he recorded and sent out a robo call claiming Hillary Clinton had helped her husband cover up a rape.

No word on how Ron Paul feels about all of this rumor-mongering and muckraking, but something tells me the Congressman would rather let his own team run attacks than Morrow, whose tactics aren’t becoming of a candidate whose campaign is finally playing in the big leagues.

Here’s Morrow’s entire ad:

Ron Paul Supporter Goes After Rick Perry's Sex Life