The Game Apologizes for Twitter Mishap on CNN, Loses Mad Street Cred

For a dude with face tattoos this might be the least gangsta television appearance ever.

The Game Apologizes for Twitter Mishap on CNN, Loses Mad Street Cred

Last Friday afternoon, The Game was doing a photo shoot in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles when a friend allegedly tweeted the Compton Sheriff’s phone number out to The Game’s half-million twitter followers. Due to a misunderstanding, for the next two hours the police department was overwhelmed with phone calls from eager fans hoping to secure an internship with the famous rapper.

The volume of calls was so disruptive that the Sheriff’s department missed actual distress calls, which there were plenty of considering it was Compton on a Friday night. The cops were significantly delayed in responding to a missing person, spousal assault, two robberies and a stolen car. In other words, the police department didn’t find the prank very funny. I guess some things never change.

The Compton Sheriff’s department made the issue public and threatened to charge Jayceon Taylor (aka The Game, aka Charles Louboutin) with up to three misdemeanors including obstruction of justice.

One would expect a Grammy-nominated rapper as tough of The Game to be unfazed by petty legal issues. But in a surprising turn of events The Game not only apologized, but did so on CNN, with a fake skyline backdrop and everything. This absolutely shatters the stereotypical unapologetic swagger the rap community is notorious for. The Game sounded contrite and genuine in his apology.

But it’s hard not to laugh at the incongruity of a former member of the Bloods who had once spent three days in a coma due to gunshot wounds apologizing for a Twitter prank on CNN.

(Note: At first, the sole purpose of this article was to post of video of Keanu Reeves hitting The Game in the face with a phonebook from the horrific movie “Street Kings.” Unfortunately, I can’t find it.)