Mitt Romney, America’s Unemployed Everyman, Is Building a Big Ass House

GOP candidate Mitt Romney is knocking down his inadequate $12 million 3,000 square foot house to make way for a palatial 11,000 square foot mansion.

Mitt Romney, America's Unemployed Everyman, Is Building a Big Ass House

Have you ever set $12 million on fire just watch it burn? Neither have I. In fact, there aren’t many people in the world with a big enough bankroll to simply disregard that kind of cash. But leading Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is one of them.

Today, news has surfaced that the former Massachusetts governor will be tearing down his quaint $12 million home in La Jolla, California, just outside San Diego, to make room for a house nearly four times its size. It’s hard to rationalize someone needing a house that size, however I initially figured that Romney needed a larger campaign headquarters, which would sort of make sense. However, no serious political candidate can call Southern California home, because the weather is too nice. How could we ever trust a President who has never seen snow? Am I right?

Well, as it turns out, the self-proclaimed “unemployed” GOP front-runner cited that his 3,009 square foot house simply was not adequate for his enormous Mormon family. According to Romney’s campaign spokesman: “They want to enlarge their two-bedroom home because with five married sons and 16 grandchildren it is inadequate for their needs.”

Romney’s camp also states that construction on the project won’t begin until after the campaign is over. Nevertheless it’s an odd time to announce the construction of a house the size of Rhode Island. Then again Romney isn’t exactly the best at relating to others.

When meeting with a group of eight unemployed Floridians back in June, Romney chided that he’s unemployed as well. Most would consider campaigning for the President of the United States a full-time job, and although he’s not currently collecting a paycheck no one is about to feel bad for a man worth over $200 million. And who can forget the heart warming story of Romney’s attempt to trade a dollar bill with youngster before he realizing he carried nothing smaller than hundred dollar bills?

Why the hell would he announce these plans to the public if he’s not going to start construction on the house till after the election? Is it possible for him to demonstrate any less empathy for the country that he’s hoping to one day lead?

Probably, and there’s plenty of time for him to do it too.