New York Earthquake Survivor Commemorates Disaster with Tattoo

Brooklyn’s Citizen Ink originally offered up the design as a joke.

New York Earthquake Survivor Commemorates Disaster with Tattoo

When Joe Khay, owner of Brooklyn tattoo shop Citizen Ink, drew up the “Survived the Earthquake” design pictured above, it was meant as a joke. But shortly after he posted the design online, a shop regular called up wanting to get it.

Jonathan Berg, 21, has 14 other tattoos and decided to have the earthquake design inked on his waist thanks to the overreaction he saw after the tremor hit.

“It was just a minor thing, and people were making it into a serious subject. I thought that was pretty hilarious,” Berg told the New York Daily News. He’s not alone either – the Daily News reports that at least three other people have asked for the tat.

It might seem a little absurd to get a tattoo as a joke, but I’m not going to rag on anyone’s body art (plus, I can’t harp on the shop — I’ve had work done there and I love it). Perhaps unsurprisingly, Khay said this is far from the weirdest thing he’s ever inked on someone.

At least Berg wasn’t getting the tattoo while the earthquake happened. Khay said the whole shop swayed back and forth and they had no idea what was going on. That would not have been a good time to have a needle to your skin.