No One Wants Poor, Sad Christine O’Donnell’s Book

Only five people showed up to Christine O’Donnell’s book signing in Florida.

No One Wants Poor, Sad Christine O'Donnell's Book

Poor Christine O’Donnell can’t catch a break. First she loses her senate campaign and now her new book appears to be bombing.

Thinking that she is important and influential, the Tea Party darling recently published her memoir, “Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again.”

It’s that book that brought her to Piers Morgan’s CNN show, where the failed senatorial candidate walked off after being asked about her views on masturbation and gay marriage.

While O’Donnell may have thought her book would suddenly make her relevant again, it turns out not many people care: Florida’s News Press reports that only five people showed up to O’Donnell’s book signing in Naples last week; and one of the attendees only wanted her to sign a book on demonology. O’Donnell refused.

O’Donnell’s experience should be a lesson to other would-be politicos: being a political loser with a brief amount of fame does not translate into book sales, only dead trees.