Banksy Paints NYC!

After stops in LA, San Fran, Detroit, Chicago, and Boston, it seems the world’s most famous anonymous street artist has finally arrived in the Big Apple. A multitude of Bansky imitations have been spotted in and around New York City, with artists such as Dolk adpoting a Banksy-esque approach to street art. Large, mono-chromatic pieces in busy NYC areas are usually mistaken for a Banksy, though there is nothing like his tongue-in-cheek approach to politics and social commentary. The “I Heart NY” piece was spotted on Cedar Street between Greenwich and Trinity on Monday. Banksy works are being spotted all over the U.S. as he promotes “Exit Through the Giftshop,” a satirical documentary about street art. His work is way more impressive in person than photos, so click through a full list of his New York locations!

“I Heart NY” is on Cedar Street between Greenwich and Trinity

In DUMBO on the corner of Water Street and Jay Street – “One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings. – Diogenes”

“Will Work for Idiots” located on Bleeker Street by Bowery in SoHo

Warhol-esque Banksy in Chinatown on Allen Street between Canal and Division Ave

Pom-pom girl is located in Harlem, although it has been under some scrutiny, and it is unclear whether or not this is an immitation. When compared to the others posted, does appear a bit different.

Located in Long Island City, this piece’s authenticity has also been debated. However it has already been destroyed by this asshole.

*Thanks to Highsnobiety for the Banksy locations.