Listen: Wilco Releases New Single ‘I Might’

Take a listen to Wilco’s new single “I Might.”

Listen: Wilco Releases New Single 'I Might'

Wilco’s latest effort, ‘The Whole Love’, is scheduled for release later this month. New single “I Might” is familiarly fuzzy.

The bell kit adds a nice touch, juxtaposed with distorted bass a la Queens of the Stone Age. Overall it’s got a catchy momentum, and makes use of space. Pretty safe-sounding, but still solid composition.

The band’s last release has a 76/100 standing on Metacritic. Judging by the safeness of the single, this album won’t break any charts, but the first song is much more interesting.

Whereas “I Might” doesn’t necessarily push many boundaries,┬áthe album’s string-laden, 7-minute-plus “Art of Almost” is certainly a fresh breath, delving into more percussive and ambient territory than they tend to frequent. The first minute reminds me a bit of an indie rock Battles, or of Radiohead.

Listen to single “I Might” below, and watch the video for the Album’s first advance track “Art of Almost.”

Wilco – I Might by ListenBeforeYouBuy