Web Wrap: Must-Reads From the Internets

Here’s a look at what you may have missed today.

Web Wrap: Must-Reads From the Internets

Obama’s First Scandal?
The president’s squeaky clean image (he’s still never been caught smoking) has helped his approval rating from tanking even worse than it has. But The Week’s Edward Morrissey digs into what may be Obama’s first big scandal: the green energy company he helped secure $535 million in federal funding has suddenly and mysteriously closed up shop.
Read it at The Week.

Mental Floss made a list of musical acts who are literally “burning it up.”
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Laura Bush Dissed on 9/11
You may have needed some imagination to see an afro over Michelle Obama’s head when she was photographed in front of a plant at that British dinner this spring, but there’s no denying this photo from The Daily What. And aside from the obvious, there’s a whole other joke hidden in plain sight that we can pretty much guarantee you haven’t thought of yet.
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Tax Dollars Well Spent
TSA officers accused of illegal trafficking scheme to ship tens of thousands of oxycodone pills to New York and Connecticut.
Read it at BoingBoing.

GOP Debate Scorecard
Last night’s GOP debate was a bit of a bloodbath. The Week helps you parse the opinions and make some sense of the night’s winners and losers.
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