Not Buying the October Issue of ‘Playboy’ Would Be Fiscally Irresponsible

Next month’s issue of “Playboy” will cost six cents more than a refill at Starbucks.

Not Buying the October Issue of 'Playboy' Would Be Fiscally Irresponsible

I’ve never purchased an issue of “Playboy.” While I’ve been a huge admirer of attractive naked women since the onset of puberty, I’ve never taken that not-so-courageous step in purchasing Hugh Hefner’s iconic magazine. There was always too much risk for potential embarrassment involved. When I was younger, the idea of a cashier questioning my age terrified me. When I got older, the internet happened. After that, um, well, okay I’ll stop right there. After all, my grandmother reads these articles.

However thanks to the premiere of a relatively terrible NBC drama, “The Playboy Club,” it appears as though I’ll finally have a reason to accomplish this rite of manhood. In an effort to stir up publicity for the upcoming show, or perhaps capitalize from it, Hef has decided to release a retro issue of “Playboy.” This news in itself isn’t worth a second thought, except for the fact this issue will also feature a retro cost.

Hefner is slashing the cost of “Playboy’s” October issue, which hits newsstands this Friday, to 60 cents. His editors have styled the men’s magazine with retro look matching 1961, when the first Playboy Club was founded, and linked it to the debut of TV show “The Playboy Club” by putting star Laura Benanti on the cover — and inside the pages.

“It’s hard to put into words the fact that, obviously, everything changed for me in that time frame,” Hefner told Reuters. And that statement from a man who has made words one of the centerpieces of his life.

You can’t even buy the goddamn New York Post for 60 cents. This therefore opens the perfect window for purchasing my first ever issue. It’s literally too good of a deal to pass up. My girlfriend can’t even scoff at me over this. It’s that incredible. I could care less that Playboy has slipped in terms of prestige over the past decade or so and the excuse “I read it for the articles” isn’t as viable anymore, but I could care less. The price is so low they might as well be giving these out with the morning copy of AM New York.

Thank you Mr. Hefner for finally giving me a reason to proudly go where every single man in the world has gone before.

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