Clint Eastwood Rips GOP For Gay Marriage ‘Sanctity Crap’

Clint Eastwood told ‘GQ’ that Republicans should cut out the “sanctity crap” when it comes to gay marriage.

Clint Eastwood Rips GOP For Gay Marriage 'Sanctity Crap'

Clint Eastwood has been a Republican since he was 21 years old, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with the party’s tenacious assaults on marriage equality.

Speaking with ‘GQ’ magazine, the legendary actor and director declared, “These people who are making a big deal out of gay marriage? I don’t give a fuck about who wants to get married to anybody else! Why not?!”

“We’re making a big deal out of things we shouldn’t be making a deal out of,” said Eastwood. “They go on and on with all this bullshit about ‘sanctity’ — don’t give me that sanctity crap! Just give everybody the chance to have the life they want.”

Spoken like a true American cowboy.

But LGBT rights aren’t the only disagreement Eastwood has with the GOP: the actor fears the party has lost its way. “Over the years, I realized there was a Republican philosophy that I liked. And then they lost it,” he explained. “The libertarians had more of it. Because what I really believe is, let’s spend a little more time leaving everybody alone.”

Meanwhile, while we’re on the subject of Clint Eastwood; the actor is best known for his roles in movies like ‘Dirty Harry,’ ‘Play Misty For Me’ and even the romantic ‘Bridges of Madison County,’ but I’ve always preferred him in the surprisingly twisted 1971 flick ‘The Beguiled.’

Here’s the trailer: