Occupy Wall Street Protesters Revolt Against Meat Pizza

A recent Tweet from @OccupyWallSt asked for vegan pizza donations.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Revolt Against Meat Pizza
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The Occupy Wall Street protesters are good, cheerful folk. Last night’s assembly was fascinating, inspiring and often humorous. And though this is a cohesive group, one can sense the various concerns and issues that are important to its participants.

For instance, one man asked for a discussion of chemical weapons exposure to be put on the agenda. A union organizer who spoke to Death and Taxes said he’d traveled from Connecticut and noticed there wasn’t an outreach program for the occupation, so he initiated one. And, contrary to what many conservatives might think of the protesters, sanitation and cleanliness were both added to the assembly’s agenda as well.

Instead of using “illegal” amplification devices, the speaker would say a few words which were repeated in a call-and-response method so that everyone could hear. This organic amplification technique is the perfect antidote to the NYPD’s enforcement of the amplification device law, which makes communication particularly difficult with the noises of the street (car engines, honking, talking, etc.).

Add to these various concerns the fact that different protesters have different habits, and you can see the complexity inherent in maintaining a protest.

For instance, a recent @OccupyWallSt tweet stated, “Request from the streets: No more meat pizza! Half vegan pies, quarter cheese, quarter veggie toppings thanks!”

Now, this may seem humorous or trivial to some since the pizza is being donated, but the request (while practical for the vegans) also sends a symbolic message to readers as well—even food is political.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Revolt Against Meat Pizza