South Carolina School Violates First Amendment With Christian Youth Rally and Bad Rap Show

Christian rapper B-SHOC brought his Christian message to a South Carolina school recently because the principal wants the children to know that there is eternal life and he is content offering himself up as a sacrificial lamb to save the kids.

South Carolina School Violates First Amendment With Christian Youth Rally and Bad Rap Show
The incomparable B-SHOC posing next to the New Heights Middle School mascot.

It sounds as if New Heights Middle School in Jefferson, South Carolina has a messiah complex to rival Jesus. When asked by a preacher how he was getting away with a Christian concert featuring rapper B-SHOC, the principle replied, “I’m not… I want these kids to know that eternal life is real, and I don’t care what happens to me, they’re going to hear it today.”

Spoken like a true believer.

B-SHOC and a Christian preacher Christian Chapman (convenient name) were brought to the assembly to tend to the impressionable flock in a brainwashing technique not dissimilar to the youth rallies of a certain German tyrant.

As the ACLU’s  Daniel Bullard-Bates notes, B-SHOC’s musical output consists of songs such as “Jesus Lean’,” “Crazy Bout God,” and “Christ-Like Cruisin.” B-SHOC’s clearly quite metaphysical in addition to hitting the youth demographic with his hip MC skills.

After the event, the organizers brashly posted a video of the First Amendment violation almost as a collective bras d’honneur to those who believe the constitutional separation of church and state is a rather good idea.

Aside from B-SHOC’s MC-ing and Chapman’s sermonizing, the event organizers also prayed with students before returning them to their respective classrooms.

The ACLU claims that it has learned other schools in the Chesterfield County School District might be planning similar events with B-SHOC, and has called on the District to launch an immediate investigation to the allegations. The ACLU also filed a Freedom of Information Act request regarding religious activities in the Chesterfield County School District.

One also feels bad for the kids being subjected to the eternal damnation of bad music.

Frightening stuff, folks. All of it.