Anthony Bologna Petition: Remove Mr. Mace From NYPD Force

Sign the petition to have Anthony Bologna removed from the force.

Anthony Bologna Petition: Remove Mr. Mace From NYPD Force

A petition has been created at with the intent of being sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, asking him to remove NYPD’s deputy inspector of Patrol Borough Manhattan South Anthony Bologna from the force for pepper-spraying peaceful protesters at Union Square on September 24th.

The protesters were already hemmed in with orange netting. They had nowhere to go. They were effectively neutralized by the law, and yet Bologna thought it a good idea to sneak in, pepper-spray the protesters and then run away like a coward back into his crowd of police officers, as though cameras would not catch him if he were quick about it.

The NYPD is defending Bologna’s actions and there is no sign that his conduct is being investigated. Indeed, the NYPD, through spokesperson Paul Browne, is advancing the absurd theory that they, in fact, are the victims here. Therefore, this petition is essential.

The petition states, “We demand that Anthony Bologna be charged with assault for his actions and that he sees jail time.”

It also states, “We demand that Mayor Michael Bloomberg address the Occupy Wall Street & General Assembly and apologize for the police brutality and the weak attempt at a cover-up that has followed.”

Also included in the petition is a request to remove NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly for not being able to control senior officers but in “sheltering them from receiving punishment.”

Bologna clearly displayed not only a lack of judgment but also a reprehensible reaction to his own actions—running away from his handiwork and, according to some, laughter. At the very least, the pepper-spray incident deserves investigation, as well as the high-tailing it from the scene; but the laughter after the fact should be investigated as well.

It seems that Bologna has a history with protesters. Bologna stands accused of false arrest and civil rights violations in a 2007 claim filed by a protester who attended the 2004 Republican National Convention demonstrations. The case is to be heard next year. And Cryptome makes reference to a 2001 May Day incident in which Bologna shoved two protesters.

Head over to to sign the petition.

EDIT: A second video below shows Anthony Bologna pepper-spraying a cameraman and others. The third video below shows Bologna spraying in slow motion. The guy’s clearly a class act.