Occupy Wall Street to Publish Newspaper to Control Their Message

Occupy Wall Street announced today that they will be publishing their own newspaper to better control their message and prevent mainstream media from defining the movement.

Occupy Wall Street to Publish Newspaper to Control Their Message

Today, Occupy Wall Street announced publicly that it will be forming a Occupy Wall Street Media project through Kickstarter, and they will be name it, in a bit of sarcastic culture jamming, “The Occupy Wall Street Journal.” (We’ll see how the decaying tyrant Rupert Murdoch enjoys that one.)

The project seems to have grown out of the cynical trend in mainstream media to ignore or discount the movement and define the message from the confines of a corporate television studio or from a news desk.

The newspaper will initially be a four-page broadsheet explaining what Occupy Wall Street is all about and to clearly communicate its demands to the general public. The initial print run is set at the quite ambitious number of 50,000.

As the Kickstarter page states, “We will explain the issues involved and how the general assembly process operates at Liberty Plaza. It will also offer resources and ways to join. The emphasis will be on quality content, design, photography and artwork that uses incisive humor to make it a lively read.”

Additionally, “Future projects include longer editions of the newspaper, bold stickers, edgy posters, colorful palm cards and inspiring flyers.”

The goal is to hit $12,000 to finance the project. Currently, The Occupy Wall Street Journal is backed by 72 people and climbing (as of the writing of this article), who have pledged $2,570 with nine days to go. (It added about 15 people and several hundreds of dollars within the space of a half hour.)

As the financing pages notes, “This project will only be funded if at least $12,000 is pledged by Sunday Oct 9, 11:38am EDT.”

Head over to The Occupy Wall Street Media Kickstarter page now and contribute if you so desire.