Michele Bachmann Flees Liberal College Students At Iowa Pumpkin Farm

Police called in to cordon off college students protesting Michele Bachmann’s appearance.

Michele Bachmann Flees Liberal College Students At Iowa Pumpkin Farm

Michele Bachmann continued her Iowa campaign tour by stopping at a pumpkin farm in the town of Grinnell, where she meant to meet with anti-gay, anti-choice social conservatives from the group Family Leader. The event had been planned — and publicized — for weeks, and was meant to help the Republican presidential candidate hammer home her right-wing views as her poll numbers fall and her campaign becomes even more of a joke.

In addition to attracting her supporters, though, the event also caught the attention of students of liberal-leaning Grinnell College, who came out to both make their voice heard and hear what the candidate herself had to say.

“I would’ve liked to hear her and hear her rationale for what she believes and why she deserves my vote, because it’s my first time to vote,” one student told the ‘Des Moines Register.’ “I’d like to make an informed decision and hear her views.”

But rather than addressing the crowd from a hayloft decorated in her 2012 campaign posters, Bachmann cowered in a house on the property, hidden from college students who brandished signs that criticized her policy.

CBS News reports:

The students joined the crowd in the barn waiting for Bachmann to speak, while the lawmaker’s staff huddled, apparently concerned about the protestors, who carried signs saying, “Have my gaybies” and “My body, my choice” and “Female Gay Student 99%, where’s my future?” The police arrived and cordoned off an area outside the barn where the Grinnell students were made to stand.

Then, after meeting with her supporters in the house, Bachmann then fled to her campaign van and drove away, obviously trying to avoid any contact with the college students.

According to Bachmann, she hid in the house because the event “was never intended to be a big public event,” but it seems that the truth of the matter is that the candidate fears confrontation and has little respect for American citizens who would like to have their voice heard. The First Amendment’s all well and good, but only when it suits her purposes. In all other cases, the police must be called to isolate ideological enemies.

Or maybe the press has it wrong: maybe Bachmann fled the scene because she saw the Great Pumpkin and got scared.