Occupy Freedom Plaza in DC Tomorrow at Noon

Friday, October 7th marks ten years since the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, and the first 21 days of a movement snowballing into Freedom Plaza, D.C.

Occupy Freedom Plaza in DC Tomorrow at Noon

Freedom Plaza is next in line to become an occupied territory by disaffected Americans inspired by mass movements that continue to happen globally. Although Occupy DC has been happening since October 1st, according to their website, the Freedom Plaza occupation is expected to be much larger.

It’s vitally important that the movement have a stronghold in our nation’s capital in order for politicians, lobbyists and the rest of the D.C. crowd will be reminded every day of the discontent. (To that effect it appears people have been licking envelopes en masse: Capitol Hill hate mail is up between 200 and 1422%.)

Calling themselves the Occupy2011 coalition, their aptly-titled site indicates cohesive framing that the OWS protests have been accused of lacking. The D.C. demonstration’s organizers are in general more seasoned political activists than the organizers on Wall Street, which isn’t to say experience is everything.

Occupy Wall Street organizers have managed a sizable following without a clear cut message or an extensive history of organizing experience. In that vein, the Occupy2011 coalition organizers chose to use blanket statements — “Put workers before profits,” “Tax the rich and corporations,” “Human needs, not corporate greed” — on their site’s masthead.

The organizers for Occupy2011 are boasting a huge list of people who will be there from the well-known — Andy Shallal, Cornel West — to the virtually nameless. The occupation will take place indefinitely, according to their site.

Also, despite mass arrests, they’re still holding it down in NYC with the rarely-seen live tunes of Neutral Milk Hotel and others.

If you haven’t participated yet in any direct action, now is the time.