Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like Superman

Yes, millions of people love Superman, but not as much as Philippines-based Herbert Chavez.

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Superman has remained one of the world’s most beloved heroes since he first flew onto the scene in 1938.

He has proven so popular that the Man of Steel has spawned five — soon to be six — live-action movies, various television shows, cartoons, thousands of comics, toys, posters and millions of fans. Even Rick Perry loves him!

But one fan, Philippines-based Herbert Chavez, may have taken his obsession too far.

The website Bleeding Cool points us to an ABS-CBN News report on Chavez’s plastic surgery journey from regular Joe to facsimile of Kryton’s last son. Chavez looks so much like Big Blue that he almost blends into the background of his Superman-adorned house.

While at first one wants to chuckle at Chavez’s obsession, it seems to me that there’s a dark, race-based aspect to this that makes his various surgeries more dark than dorky.