Occupy Minneapolis Has Mayor’s Support, Unlike Occupy Wall Street

The Midwest is rising up with the coasts, as the Occupy movement spreads to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the mayor gives a nod to the ones taking action.

Occupy Minneapolis Has Mayor's Support, Unlike Occupy Wall Street

There is one major difference between the Occupy movement in New York and the one in Minneapolis: in Minneapolis the mayor is down with the cause. R.T. Rybak has a blog, aptly titled themayorblog, which either he or his savvy assistant uses to express sympathy with the movement even as it comes to his doorstep.

Examiner estimates 1000 people are attending Occupy Minneapolis, which as of 9 a.m. has been taking place in Hennepin County Government Plaza in downtown Minneapolis.

From themayorblog,

“…at a time when so many people are hurting, and we wonder about our economic future, we all have to get up off the sidelines and help bring more fairness back to our state and country. We may not all agree with what we hear, but the good news is that more and more people are unwilling to silently watch the inequity get worse.”

Without knowing much about Rybak’s policies, I’d say this guy understands the true significance of this movement better than any other politician in the media. Of course, his support is underreported.

He also plugged his social programs, but hey, he’s a politician, and as such can’t help himself from shamelessly self-promoting at every opportunity.

Undoubtedly a big reason Mayor Rybak was kind to Occupy Minneapolis was that they contacted his administration and local law enforcement prior to taking the streets. It’s important that if you or someone you know is thinking about starting up a branch of the Occupy movement in your city, you should follow the same procedure.

There’s no better way to be taken seriously than to be up front about your intentions. The point is not to get arrested, even though that may happen as a consequence.

Even when the movements contact their city officials, some are still assclowns. NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg is slamming those in the movement by claiming that they are “trying to destroy the jobs of working people in this city” and “take away the tax base that we have.”

This is an absurd statement by someone deeply out of touch, misinformed and decidedly in the 1%, being the twelfth richest person in America. Bloomberg is on the wrong side of history in this country. Why in the world would these people want to destroy jobs? Even if that was a consequence of their actions, which would be a far-fetched correlation to begin with, saying that their intention is to cause further job loss is disingenuous and cowardly.

It’s day 21 on Wall Street, and there is no sign of stopping. Rather the movement is proliferating across America.

Don’t call it a protest or a demonstration anymore: it’s a movement now. As Mark Twain said, “Temper is what gets most of us into trouble. Pride is what keeps us there.”

These words hopefully ring true in Minneapolis and all over the country as people settle into their respective public spaces, digging the trenches of a battle that was a long time coming.